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The Federal Computing Centre of Austria – Bundesrechenzentrum (BRZ) is the market-leading egovernment partner of the federal administration in Austria. BRZ is in charge of approximately 1,200 employees, 3,000 servers and has equipped 1,200 locations throughout Austria with infrastructure; this service has successfully deployed more than 300 IT-processes. Overall, the BRZ supports more than 400 e-government applications that are used by five million users.

The BRZ runs one of Austria’s largest computing centres, its own parallel computing centre and ensures one of the most reliable infrastructures available. The Federal Computing Centre of Austria is also an internationally renowned cooperation partner.

The BRZ develops and operates the main federal eGovernment applications, including the applications of the Federal Ministries of Finance and Justice. Business relevance exhibits a range of applications, over all the Business Service Portal ( and a range of public registers with business relevance, such as the Gewerberegister, the Company register and the Grundbuch. The BRZ developed and operates the Austrian Customs applications and registers. Furthermore, the BRZ operates the central Austrian Portal Service, with more than 300 integrated public procedures and serves as an accepted Single-Sign-On for more than 80000 users of the public administration. The Portal Austria received the national and European EuroCloud award in 2012. The experience of the BRZ in business related eGovernment is shown in the participation in the European large-scale pilot project PEPPOL and the membership in OpenPEPPOL,

The BRZ is founding member of the European Association of Public IT Service Providers (EURITAS) and shares information and knowledge at a European scale among the partners. BRZ is assigned by the Austrian Customs Authority BMF to operate the Austrian customs applications. BRZ operates a forensic lab, is part of the Austrian govCERT and operates an own CERT for its own ecosystem. BRZ is part of the critical infrastructure environment in Austria.





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