Maria Pia Verzillo

– CEL –

Maria Pia Verzillo (CEL)

Maria Pia Verzillo obtained her Bachelor of Science (Sapienza University, Rome) and Master’s degrees in “Performance Arts and Sciences”(Università degli Studi di Torino, Turin) and in “English and Polish Linguistics, Literature and Translation” (Sapienza University, Rome) with highest honours.  After some work experience in the field of teaching and translating, she focused on the cultural promotion and event organisation for EU projects and achieved with highest honours a Master’s degree in “Management of Cultural and Artistic Events” at Palazzo Spinelli, Florence where she studied, among other subjects, “European Project Management” and “Marketing”, with a special focus on the realisation of a business plan. She recently worked for art foundations and galleries, including the Foxy Production gallery in New York City and the MAXXI Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, managing the exhibition production, including the business plan for the exposition’s artworks. Her scientific interests are mainly linked to the cultural promotion and the role of women in the different cultural expressions.   





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